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Edward Fogg
Developing this adenture slowly became an soap opera. If I remember it right we started working on it just after publishing Little World and it's not done to this day. Overdetailed graphics made developement unbearable like last week before payday. But we do not surrender!
The unknown murderer killed a member of a resient aristocratic family in the remote village Shakesbury and that's the reason why Edward Fogg, the freaky pathologist from London, is called in. The case is getting bigger subsequently and number of murders increases.
Definitely dont't expect some sort of gay TV crime story, but thrilling tale from Victorian England full of child victims and opium hallucinations. All the country stuff. Edward Fogg is not Hercule Poirot in his tight pants, but bearded morphinist and there is something rotten with Shakesbury too.
Release date of this piece is unknown, but don't be afraid - one day this project will be finished!
Already finished: 68%
The main detention is caused by graphics. Engine is finished and everything except of last 2 chapters is scripted already. And what about scenario? Done already!
Edward Fogg - screen 1
Edward Fogg - screen 2
Edward Fogg - screen 3
Edward Fogg - screen 4
Edward Fogg - screen 5
Edward Fogg - screen 6
Edward Fogg - screen 7
Edward Fogg - screen 8
Edward Fogg - screen 9
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