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I founded studio Sosáci in the year of grace 2004 and I have committed a lot of improprieties since then.
I'm quite multifunctional, cause I can be used as designer, scripter, bad translator, programmer (awful word, isn't it) and I even pretend to be an artist sometimes.
Among my other superpowers the "transforming into an idiot on every photo" can be included. I like nut chocolate and other things you are not interested in.
I defiled many projects during the years of my working on independent games.
The first one was the arcade called Cathy’s Holidays, after which the Little World and another arcade BugAbOO were done.
Currently I'm working on the logical game Dots and Boxes together with top secret project Darville.
And my biggest wish is to finish the Edward Fogg game before the world ends.
Sometimes I feel like staining the paper. The result are pictures situated at the bottom of the page.
You can visit my deviantart gallery if you want to. I created this one only few months ago.
Graphics in our games is not for me, other living forms are taking care of it. Even though I recently started digging in this area too.
For example the whole graphics in Darville is going to be done by me.
I wander in the corridors of Matfyz in Prague during the week. They can't get rid of me for third year.
Some say I'm easy to hire, but truth is I don't receive any orders, jobs or commissions in these days.
If you really want to send me an email, don't be shy and use this adress.
Well, that's about everything I guess.

Have a groovy day!
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