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Welcome in Darville, in a place where everyone is a freak. It used to be nice town twenty years ago, but the sun has never risen since then. The bloody dark changed the face of Darville: dirt hidden in a dusk, ruined houses, ever-present wires and what´s worst of all - you simply can´t tan yourself!
No wonder that in these desperate times a vain Napoleon and mad Doctor have installed a dictatorship in Darville. The Doctor also tried to create an artificial human being infesting the whole town with abortive and disfigured creatures.
This funky duo came up with an exceptionally weird idea lately. Re-ignition of the sun and terminating tha dark forever. But this plan has it´s enemies, the members of the youngest generation who have never experienced daylight. And that´s precisely when the game starts.

What else to say? No more than "Well, it´s gonna be something." Darville is meant to be a classical point-and-click adventure with few extra improvements. I tried to add some thirilling action moments and new ideas in general. During the game you will experience a lot of logical puzzles, car race, fights with grotesque monsters, visit of the concentration camp and you will see how it feels to screw somebody´s head inside his chest.
And the best part is you wont´t play only one character, but you will put yourself in seven different ones!

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