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7.7. Dots and Boxes released!
We proudly present our new game Dots and Boxes! You can download the full version (currently only Czech version is available) from here. This game is a little bit different from all the games we already made.
Originally it was meant to be my school project, but because it's quite entertaining, we decided to upload it here. Enjoy :)

1.5. Darville
Let me tell you something more about the project I´m currently working on. The name of this piece is Darville and the game takes place in town where is always dark and where sun never rise.
I´m not going to say anything more about the story but I can tell you more about the game itself. This surrealistic action adventure will be full of fights, quests and dialogoues with many NPCs.
The graphics is made by hand, which is a little bit unusual for us. You can see the result on the animated screenshot below.
I hope the works on Darville will be finished at fall 2010, the game is not as big as Edward Fogg, so this deadline seems reasonable.

Darville screen

11.4. Translation done!
We are independent Czech studio called Sosáci (I don't think there is an equivalent pharse in English for this) making games, clips, pictures and other art crap :) Mostly using Flash. Let me welcome you on our pages.

It took me several years to take heart to translate this web by myself. English is not my native language and I think it isn't difficult for you to find some mistakes around here. If you notice any, please let me know.

Because of my natural laziness I don't plan to write news in English as often as the ones in Czech. But don't be afraid, the big news will be translated for you, English-reading visitors.

And a small picture at the end - the screen of our old web. It used to be so pretty, wasn't it?

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