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Hi there,
I was born in 1987 and I'm still alive. Now I'm going to convince you how interesting I really am and try to lure on some prospective buyers of my art. Since the beginning of Sosáci with one suspiciously similar man, my main functions are being the more attractive half, making graphics, scenarios and devising the the silliest dances ever.
I took share in Cathy’s holidays, Little world, BugAbOO and Edward Fogg, on which I spend my youth. Except of those cruel and violent videogames I am offering the possibility of hiring me to design some art for you.
There are no restrictions in my scope (arbitrary drawings, illustrations, paintings, portraits, digital stuff, vectors, logos, posters, webdesign, announcements, diplomas, propaganda...) Unfortunately I can't manage to do all commissions and I send only electronical copies, but the prices are low and that's what counts.
The main of scope "my days" is studying at medical faculty, so free time is rare for me. I would like to make some clips under Sosáci, because I think putting together art and games is like holding hurdle-race in gallery. Don't be shy and send me an e-mejl if you're intersted.
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