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Timmy and his friends got themselves into very desperate situation - they're imprisoned in the world of nightmares where no children are allowed. Your mission is get them out of there unharmed and undisturbed.
Working on this arcade was really interesting. While our graphic designer was enjoying working on the atmospheric world of child's fears and spooks, I was programming in pressure like NEVER before. As to the rest the horror runs through the whole game which is different from our other pieces.

BugAbOO - screen 1
BugAbOO - screen 2
We truckled to the chance of winning so much money even this time and we sent the game to Becherovka Game Competition. This time 2006. Luckily we scored in the world of alcohol again, even though we sent up 13 seconds before dead line.
And what can bugAbOO offer to you? It will remind you things you wanted to forget all childhodd - monsters under bed, living toys, headless doctors, dangerous clowns and braces. A big fat firefly will guide you and Timmy's friends through fights with monsters and freaks. Except of small enemies your sling-shot will be killing giant bosses.
By the way we were using different letter sizes before it was cool.
BugAbOO - screen 3
BugAbOO - screen 4
Martin – he did program, sounds, scenario and music shortening his life about ten years.
Jan – scenario, graphics, animations. The first time using tablet.
Jiří Janíček – music
Jiří Hamous – english translation
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1st place Becherovka Game 2006, action games
4th place Bechorevka Game 2006, overall
5the best game of the year 2006, hrej.cz
3rd best czech game of the year 2006, freegame.cz

BugAbOO - screen 5
BugAbOO - screen 6
BugAbOO - screen 7
game.becher.cz (83%), hrej.cz (9/10), freegame.cz (85%), novinky.cz (8/10), plnehry.cz (9/10), freehry.cz (93%), victorygames.com (5/5), hernisvet.cz
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