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Dots And Boxes

Old amusing logical game, that's Dots and Boxes. You know it for sure, even though you may not admit it. Players colour the edges getting one point for each captured field. The player with highest score wins at the end of the game.

Dots And Boxes - screen 1
Dots And Boxes - screen 2
Because the internet is saturated with different clones of this game, I decided to make dots nad Boxes more interesting by adding various generalizations. For example up to four players can play, playing areas are arbitrary, edges can be pre-coloured and capturing the box can give you different profit. Even editing your own map is possible! The artificial intelligence operates on three levels and even I, the worst chess player in the universe, can't defeat the hardest one.
Dots And Boxes - screen 3
Dots And Boxes - screen 4
Old-version-lovers don't have to be sad, because the classical Dots and Boxes is naturally included. The game was ment to be my school project, that's why I didn't want to publish it in the first place. But then I told to myself: "So what!" and here it is.
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Martin - programm, graphics, animations...everything.

freehry.cz (75%), hernisvet.cz, plnehry.cz (78%),
novinky.cz (7/10), hrej.cz (7/10)
Dots And Boxes - screen 5
Dots And Boxes - screen 6
Dots And Boxes - screen 7
Dots And Boxes - screen 8
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