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Everyone started somehow. This was ment to be an entertaining arcade. Well, it's not that entertainig as it's unimaginably long and boring. We have never done any game before and it's quite obvious. But because we are honest and decent, we publish this piece of crap.
I don't even remember why, but we participated in Bonusweb Game Competition with this garbage and suprisingly we got 5th place. Don't ask me how it happenend. In any case not even voucher for swimming in the local river is given for the 5th place.
Download Cathy´s Holidays
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 1
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 2
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 3
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 4
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 5
And what is the game about? You will put yourself in Cathy's place. Cathy, the spoiled brat, will have to finish 30 figuratively endless levels. The goal of the game is to dodge the various enemies, obstacles and program errors and get yourself in front of the final door. Saving position is more difficult than reading Japanese instruction manual - you have to remember passwords for each level. Enormously practical.
Download if you want to, but remember my warning.
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 6
Martin – program including bugs, level-design, “scenario“
Jan – graphics, animations (done with mouse and you will notice it)
Jiří Janíček – music, both sounds
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 7
Cathy´s Holidays - screen 8
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